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Whatsapp All Grop Message Sender

Whatsapp All Grop Message Sender

Whatsapp All Grop Message Sender is Perfect Tool for Share message in all group automatically. Bulk Whatsapp All Grop Message Sender Tool is a easy to use and support only web whatsApp. This tool is 100% safe and there is no risk of account ban by WhatsApp team.

Bulk Whatsapp All Grop Message Sender


  1. 100% Safe
  2. Fast Sharing
  3. Send All Groups
  4. Exclude Some Groups
  5. Match Message
  6. Database
  7. Group Console
  8. Custom Delay Time
  9. Automatic Delay Time
  10. Group Blacklist
  11. Group Database Disable
  12. 100% Safe No Account Ban Risk
  13. Full Support & Live Support
  14. Instant Share
  15. Installation Video
  16. Full Support Update
  17. Browser Compatibility
  18. Much More...
- v1.1.2 – 09 July 2021 Update: Change Latest WhatsApp Compatibility. - v1.1.1 – 06 July 2021 Added: Database Disable. Added: Total send, Only Admin, Already, Database No. count. - v1.1.0 – 20 June 2021 Added: Database. Added: Match Message Added: Group Console. - v1.0.0 – 26 March 2021 Initial Release

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